The Irid Novo space colony and research center has become somewhat of a legend in the rest of the galaxy. Due to its proximity to black hole Sagittarius Prime, nobody can know what really happens on board. Has the experiment been a success? Is the colony thriving? Or did something […]

With players still flocking to Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Call of Duty: Warzone, turning heads in the battle royale genre will be challenging, but Ubisoft believes it has just the game to do that in Hyper Scape. Wet another free-to-play title, Hyper Scape embraces verticality and high-tech gadgets to give […]

Are you ready to stop a vampire invasion? How about take on some really big, really rowdy werewolves? The Dark Heart of Skyrim marches on with the upcoming Stonethorn. The DLC dungeon pack includes a wealth of content as you bring the heat to the ancient bastion of Castle Thorn […]

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