Captured on Nintendo Switch (Handheld/Undocked) French studio Migami Games made a name for itself with excellent Castlevania fan games like The Lecarde Chronicles 1 and 2, but fan games don’t keep the lights on or put food on the table, so the team has understandably embraced commercial ambitions with Wallachia: […]

Which next-gen console are you most excited about?   Which next-gen console(s) do you plan to purchase?   Which current-gen console(s) do you own?   Which next-gen console has the coolest-looking design?   How important is backwards compatibility to you?   Which of the following technical features is most important to you?   How important are […]

Announced for Switch earlier in the year, it’s been confirmed in the latest Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase that management and political sim Tropico 6 is coming to Nintendo’s console on 6th November. The game debuted on PC in March last year before jumping to other consoles in September 2019. […]

The coming few weeks are going to be busy in the world of Gears of War. On November 10th, Gears 5 is getting a major campaign update and, for those that picked up a Xbox Series X | S, Gears 5 will receive a big technical update; and if that […]

The Kickstarter campaign for Frostpunk: The Board Game is entering its final 24 hours with nearly $2.5 million pledged so far. That makes it one of the biggest video game crossover projects of the year. Polygon sat down with Jakub Wiśniewski, one of the co-founders of Glass Cannon Unplugged, for […]

Chris Metzen, former senior vice president of story and franchise at Blizzard Entertainment, is back in the game development ring. Warchief Gaming was a tabletop gaming club in Orange County, CA, but now it’s going to be a development studio as well. Metzen is joined by Mike Gilmartin, former vice president […]

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