We Don’t Get Enough Stories Told From A Dark Side Perspective Star Wars doesn’t tell stories from the Dark Side perspective all that often, and certainly not in its movies. Sure, there are brief scenes sprinkled in, but when are we finally going to get a movie that, start to […]

When there’s no tomorrow, every second counts. “She Dies Tomorrow” follows Amy (Kate Lyn Sheil) as she prepares for her future—or lack thereof—convinced she’s going to die tomorrow. Her friend Jane (Jane Adams) visits her, and leaves with the same notion. Their death certainty only spreads to others.  As Sheila […]

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for The Rain season 3.  The conclusion of The Rain season 3 officially marks the end of the Netflix series, and mostly provides streamers with clarity. Set in post-apocalyptic Scandinavia, the narrative begins with two siblings being trapped underground for six years, and ends with them coming to terms with their place […]

Kingpin (Showtime) Kingpin is a 1996 comedy from the Farrelly brothers, which stars Woody Harrelson, Randy Quaid, Vanessa Angel, and Bill Murray. Kingpin is a raunchy comedy about a once successful professional bowler who loses it all, but 17 years later, he tries to regain his past glory with a […]

Before looking at six shows individually, something I noticed about the slate as a whole: almost none of these shows take advantage of their format. The structure feels like a bug instead of a feature. Most of these high-profile shows do almost nothing in terms of episodic storytelling, coming off […]

Thanks to FaceApp, Game of Thrones fans can now gaze upon the face of Jon Snow and Daenerys’ speculative daughter, named Lyanna Targaryen. Game of Thrones fan art imagines what Daenerys and Jon Snow’s daughter might look like. Season 8 of Game of Thrones wrapped up the epic fantasy show’s story […]

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