Lily Hay Newman / Wired: Profile of Maddie Stone, who leads Google’s Project Zero team that studies and neuters actively exploited Android malware  —  The Project Zero reverse engineer shuts down some of the world’s most dangerous exploits—along with antiquated hacker stereotypes.  —  EVEN WITH A knee injury, Maddie Stone […]

Susan D’Agostino / Quanta Magazine: Q&A with Vint Cerf, who has been working on building an internet for space, using disruption/delay-tolerant networking (DTN) protocol, an alternative to TCP/IP  —  Vinton Cerf helped create the internet 40 years ago, and he’s still working to connect people around the world — and […]

Avi Greengart, consumer technology analyst at Techsponential says that modular designs appeal to engineers more than the typical consumer. “You start with a base slab and then you can add things to it. But it doesn’t match how consumers purchase products,” he explains. “The phone itself needs to be something […]

John D. Stoll / Wall Street Journal: Fitbit CEO James Park says its app reached 500,000 paid subscribers this year and talks about expectations for life under Google, competing with Apple, more  —  Fitbit CEO James Park discusses the company’s new products and competition as it prepares to close its […]

Tim Anderson / The Register: Survey of 17K developers in 159 countries: JavaScript is the most popular language with 12.4M active developers, followed by Python at 9M, and then Java at 8.2M  —  Plus: What puts off developers from adopting cloud?  Price  —  A new developer survey has shown the […]

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