Avi Greengart, consumer technology analyst at Techsponential says that modular designs appeal to engineers more than the typical consumer. “You start with a base slab and then you can add things to it. But it doesn’t match how consumers purchase products,” he explains. “The phone itself needs to be something […]

Most Expensive Guitar of All Time is a mighty title to bestow on an instrument. Yet there currently exists one such axe. Perhaps even more interestingly, however, is that the guitar in question has only held that distinction since earlier this year. Why? Well, that’s because the record holder for […]

It’s been 42 years since Jamie Lee Curtis first screamed her way into our hearts. On Oct. 25, 1978, the iconic actress made her film acting debut with a little low-budget flick called, simply, Halloween. Directed by horror maestro John Carpenter, the movie introduced Curtis as Laurie Strode, an unlucky […]

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