By now there’s little doubt about hydroxychloroquine: It doesn’t work for treating Covid-19. But there’s a bigger, more important lesson hidden in the story of its failure—a rarely-mentioned, but altogether crucial, error baked into the early research. The scientists who ran the first, promising laboratory experiments on the drug had […]

The ongoing battle between social-media companies and covid-19 misinformation pushers—including US president Donald Trump—stepped up again this week thanks to a new viral video. And it has exposed, once again, how difficult addressing conspiracy theories is for Facebook, Twitter, and others. The latest video comes from a group called America’s […]

The league is set to announce whether the season will resume in August 2020 as proposed by Safa The National Soccer League (NSL) Board of Governors (BoG) meeting has reportedly been postponed until Monday. The NSL which is the umbrella body consisting of the PSL and the National First Division (NFD) […]

This is the flask in which Donoghue distills the drama of the 1918 pandemic. It’s a good choice. Adults in the prime of life were particularly vulnerable to that flu, and pregnant women were among the most vulnerable of all. They suffered miscarriages and died in shockingly high numbers. The […]

The current campaign has been suspended since mid-March but new developments suggest it could be declared null and void later this week The 2019-20 PSL season could be scrapped if the league’s executive committee members have their way, reports City Press.  On Tuesday, the PSL held an urgent board of governors […]

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