Rob Halford‘s accomplished more than most throughout his life, but he’s not finished yet. The metal god has a “bucket list” of artists he hopes to eventually collaborate with, including pop sensation Lady Gaga. In a new video chat with Little Punk People, Halford affirmed a duet with Behemoth‘s Nergal […]

On Oct. 26, 1981, Bruce Dickinson made his debut with Iron Maiden; a ripple effect still being felt to this day. The transformative singer gave the band the extra push they needed to become one of the most dominating musical acts the world has ever seen. Iron Maiden were riding […]

Most Expensive Guitar of All Time is a mighty title to bestow on an instrument. Yet there currently exists one such axe. Perhaps even more interestingly, however, is that the guitar in question has only held that distinction since earlier this year. Why? Well, that’s because the record holder for […]

Attention metalheads who are also video game players — Ozzfest made a cameo in a new PlayStation video. Rapper Travis Scott, who’s inspired by metal and heavy music, wore a shirt repping the iconic metal festival in the clip, which announces that he’ll be working with the iconic gaming company. The […]

If you’re trying to learn how to scream, Trivium‘s Matt Heafy is an ideal example of both what to do and, more importantly, what not to do. In this video exclusive, he takes us through his introduction to when he first heard extreme vocals through the present day as a […]

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