Three new WNBA-focused game modes are coming to NBA 2K21 as the game rereleases for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X on Nov. 10 and 12 respectively, game developer Visual Concepts announced on Thursday. The modes include The W, a new WNBA version of MyPlayer, the popular NBA 2K […]

France is facing the fear of deadly attacks after several people were stabbed at a church in the Mediterranean city of Nice, prompting the country to raise its security alert status to the highest level. This is what we know so far: What happened? A knife-wielding attacker beheaded a woman […]

Rob Halford‘s accomplished more than most throughout his life, but he’s not finished yet. The metal god has a “bucket list” of artists he hopes to eventually collaborate with, including pop sensation Lady Gaga. In a new video chat with Little Punk People, Halford affirmed a duet with Behemoth‘s Nergal […]

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