Gold prices today 22 February 2024

Gold prices today 22 February 2024

Gold prices today 22 February 2024 have reached more than USD$2,037 per ounce in international markets. The surge comes amidst many factors like escalating tensions in Eastern Europe, Gaza, Russian – Ukraine war which is driving investors towards safe-haven assets and Gold is always considered one of them.

Gold Demand is majorly driven by jewelry demand in India, China and US is also being a primary consumer.

Commodities prices in International Market

In comparison, other commodities have seen mixed performance. Crude oil prices have relatively down, with crude oil trading at around $78 per barrel. The same downward trend is seen for the prices of Iron ore which are down to $127 a tonne and it is expected to go further down. However, aluminum after few ups and down is moving at $2,230

City Gold (per ounce)
Sydney AUD3090
New Delhi INR187647
Tokyo ¥302,404
New York $2,028
Beijing 14,572
London £1,606
Moscow 184571

Please note that these prices are indicative and may vary based on market conditions and currency fluctuations.